Don’t miss out!

You missed out on my adventure with the girl scouts, and what sport I consider the vest youth sport ever. I moved to


Crazy week

One week sure can bring about change! So much happened in the last week I will have a few posts.
The good news is that I have been invited to guest blog for a certain fitness personality.
If you look back to my New Years Day Hangover post, that opportunity is why I jumped into blogging with out doing the research I wanted to.

As I read more about the blogging world I’m thinking about making some changes. I’ll keep updating here until then.

The hours at my regular job have increased, good for the paycheck, not for work outs or house work. I think this is reality for most people. If you haven’t made fitness your way to earn a living, you have to find time to fit it in. Add a family with multiple activities to attend, and even the most dedicated person can fall behind in the pursuit of health and fitness. I hope to share my struggle and the things that work for me.
One thing on my mind is lunch during the workday.
Limit the office lunches, my team loves to get lunch out. I sometimes feel like I have to also. So I plan for pizza Friday at the office, and grab fruit or healthy leftovers the rest of the week. I offer to be the one to pick up lunch for everyone else, but stick with what I brought from home.

Stay tuned for more from my crazy week: a health scare that has me rethinking my RA meds,
Changes in my dear hubby’s employment have me rethinking the direction of this blog, trip to ER with middle kido (just when the hospital was about paid off from, “The Autumn of the Broken Toe, and Elbow”!

Anniversary workout

Last Saturday was my 5 year wedding anniversary. I had about 30 minutes before a day of 5th grade girls traveling basketball. I wanted to be pumped up for my new dress for dinner with my husband. Here’s what I did:
10 minutes on treadmill.
Superset stiff legged dead lifts using my aerobic step paired with leg extensions. 10 to 12 reps, 2 sets.
Lat pulldowns (heavy) paired with chest press. 10 reps., 2 sets.
Upright rows (heavy).
Hammer curls paired with overhead dumbbell press. 10/12 reps., 2 sets.
Had a nice pump, most of all hamstrings had a great burn for 3 days!
My daughter’s team won 2 games, lost 1. It was great to visit with other moms between games!
Dinner with Hubby was at Doolittles Woodfire Grill. Great atmosphere, love the smell of burning hard wood. No one heats with wood anymore, that smell brings back so many childhood memories. I am a MN girl!
I had the Pear/Raspberry starter salad, Jamaican Jerk pork tenderloin on sweet potato hash.
So good!

New Years Day hangover.

Some people may have woke up yesterday with a hangover, I woke up with a blog! Blogging is something I have been thinking of doing for awhile, my intent was to study on how to do it properly, then maybe start. Well one sleepless night and the fear of losing an opportunity to guest blog with a fitness icon later, I have a blog!
Thanks to the 3 people who have read my first post.
I will try to get up to speed and make improvements over the next few days….now that kidos and dear hubby will back to regular schedule.