New Years Reflections

It is the Eve of a New Year, I will welcome 2013, 20 lbs lighter than a year ago. I wish I could say it was solely due to my hard work and dedication. That would not be the whole truth. Honestly, there have been so many changes health wise in the last year I’ m not sure what thing/ combination of things caused the weight loss.
I have added weights and equipment to my “home gym”. My treadmill looks less lonely. It does make it so much easier to be able to just go down stairs to work out. I tried DVD’s but found myself craving the feel of bar on Lat pull downs. I joined a gym, however I live in a small town and had to drive to the next town over. I went three times! Maybe it’s thanks to the great deals on Craigslist that I’m weighing less.

I also tested positive for an auto immune disease last year. Although not diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis I have been on medicine that is used to treat RA. Maybe it’s the meds that has my weight down. Or the disease.

The thought of losing the ability to go and lift weights, run on the treadmill, walk the dog even, has made me appreciate it so much more. Even when things get busy, the time that passes between work outs is much shorter than it used to be. So fear of losing what I’m not using may be the factor that has kept weight off.

I’ve always been aware of Clean Eating principles. I honestly think if I hadn’t been avoiding foods that promote inflammation, and eating those foods that nurture my body, I would be on much stronger Arthritis Drugs, and have even more flare ups and pain.
It looks like a combination of events get the credit for me feeling better and looking better than I have in a long time!