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Health Scare about RA meds

I mentioned in my post “Crazy Week” that I was rethinking my arthritis meds.
In the interest of not providing To Much Information I will just say that I was experiencing a symptom that scared me!
Of course the first thing I did was research on the internet. Peptic ulcer kept coming up. I hadn’t been experiencing any pain, or stomach upset. So that didn’t make sense.
Further research lead me to find out that one cause of peptic ulcers is frequent use of ibuprofen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Guess what I have been taking since September? Prescription NASID. Stay with me, I am going somewhere with this…..
I stopped taking the Med. and stopped drinking Diet Coke. I ate only bananas. I was trying to decide if I should try to get into doctor, you see there was a more common problem that could have been causing my “symptom”. I would have been very embarrassed to go to see the doc to find out the problem was the “other”issue.
Fortunately the symptom went away!
However; this scare made really consider how very damaging the chemicals we put in our body can be. I have been studying health and nutrition for 14 years. I’m well aware of fats, trans fat, hydrogenated oils, nitrates,etc.
This chemical was prescribed by a doctor! It helped relieve the pain that plagued me all summer. I could sleep through the night. It didn’t feel like someone was pulling my feet apart. I never thought it would negatively affect me.
I’ve been having increased pain since not taking the prescription.
It seems that’s the trade off.
I tried to work out but the pain and weakness in my hands and wrists made it impossible.
Its been over a week since I’ve lifted weights. The pain in my lower back makes sit ups unbearable.
Do I take the med to get through a work out?
I find that the older I get the harder have to work to make gains in muscle, and the faster I lose those gains. I’m determined to keep progressing in my fitness! I do not want to ever see over #160 again.
If this flare doesn’t end soon I ‘ll have to take the med to get some work outs in. I will keep you posted!
I’d like to hear from anyone else with auto immune or chronic pain issues. How to you keep fitness in your life? Ive heard that using an exercise ball for ab work can avoid stress on low and SI joints, anyone tried it?